15 Best Companies That Allow You To Work Online

1. Apple

One of the positions offered by Tech Giant Apple is to be an At Home Advisor. It will allow employees to offer excellent customer service and remotely assist customers for apple issues usually it’s more on troubleshooting. This is actually a perfect gig for students in which they can manage their time around. Having this position will allow you to get more benefits such as a free IMac while enjoying the jobs at home.


2. Xerox

This company offers Virtual Workforce Program for aspiring home-based workers in which you will work either as a customer care, tech support, quality control, software development and many to mentions virtual jobs. By working with Xerox, you will get more benefits and get your life more balance than you expected. They usually give more value to most employees.


3. Dell

Dell Company is already stabilized in Texas, it offers more options of flexible works, either part time or remote task. The latest openings available for Dell at the moment include an executive position, senior-adviser and engineering types of jobs.


4. Toptal

This type of jobs is dedicated for software developers that will work remotely with the client. Toptal is considered as the coolest remote jobs offered online.


5. Loot

Other interesting gigs for individual that normally requires working or managing social medias account is the Loot. It’s more on posting and sharing pictures. You can apply by just downloading the apps on your gadgets.


6. Freelancer

This type of online jobs offers a flexible hours and for interested applicants, they just need to sign up through Freelancer.com .


7. Aetna

This is a customer service jobs that helps clients improve and provide services to the customers about the quality of their health insurance, cost and other health information.


8. UnitedHealth Group

This is also a healthcare provider that offers home-based jobs for individuals with medical backgrounds. For interested applicants, just visit the site and make sure to click “Yes” under the “Telecommuter Positions.”


9. Humana

Humana is one of the home-based jobs who make a name in the world of telecommunicating. This company has been awarded multiple times such as Computerworld 100 Best Places to Work in IT. If you want to be in line with the best, just visit their search career options.


10. ADP

For business-outsourcing and human resource management, ADP take the lead in hiring people offshore and they offered various types of home-based jobs.


11. Amazon

Amazon is an online store, but it actually offers a lot of virtual jobs for home-based aspirants. However, at this time they offer positions within a specific area.


12. TeleTech

Another telecommunicating company offers a flexible home-based program. If you have the guts of assisting customers, be it online or offline find your way to career paths for telecommuters at TeleTech@Home


13. JetBlue

This is an airline company that provides home-based jobs for telecommunicating. Feel free to find your spot via worked from home for JetBlue


14. K12 Inc.

This is a hub for aspiring teachers who wants to impart their knowledge through interactive learning. K12 offers full time and part opportunities so you better check their career page.


15. Kaplan

Kaplan offers not only for educational opportunities, but it also has an entrepreneurial drive for management, customer service and marketing. You can explore opportunities to see yourself what type of job fits for you.


And more…

There are numbers of companies that offers jobs remotely. You can check yourself either what position will suit your skills. The virtual world is expanding around the world so every parent will have more chances to earn even if they are just at home.  You can also suggest other companies that are not listed above, to help our home-based aspirants.