9 Cold Cases Solved With Tenacity And Perseverance

2. Pam Jackson and Sherri Miller, Disappearance, 1971

Had he known the truth, some accident lawyer would have found the disappearance of Sherri Miller and Pam Jackson a case to sue, and drive the errant party into bankruptcy. Both girls, 17 years of age in 1971, had disappeared driving a 1960 Studebaker Lark. In 2013, a fisherman noticed a car submerged upside down in the water near Brule Creek. Skeletal remains of the girls were found, and tests confirmed it to be the missing car. Though it was close to the party they were headed to, it wasn’t clear how the girls ended up in the creek. It’s a terrible loss of life, and makes one think of some errant party making a mistake that caused the death of these girls. It is to keep such negligence from happening that personal injury lawyer or an injury lawyer keep those responsible in check.