15 Highest Paying College Degrees

1. Business Administration – Highest Paying College Degrees

Business Administration brings you to a world of near-endless opportunities. There are several specializations and a multitude of certifications to hone your job profile, but the application of this degree goes to nearly every business in existence. With several online bachelor degree programs offering Business Administration, taking this college major is fairly convenient.  

Most popular jobs available to graduates include marketing manager, sales manager, purchasing manager, human resources manager, and operations manager. Of course, a fresh graduate is unlikely to be offered several of these positions, gaining experience will open these (and several other) doors. Getting a master’s degree can help you greatly boost your career in business administration. Famous for its business majors, and one of the best colleges in Michigan, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor says that nearly 50% of its graduates go for a master’s degree in four years.

Important Statistics

Median Salary: $106,910-$127,560
Starting Salary: $46,460-$54,950